Pregnant women should avoid the following meals

Pregnant women should avoid the following meals

As a Man you have duties to do when your wife is pregnant, some of those duties are what this article is based on

You should know that not all meals are to be eaten by pregnant women, you are always advised to follow the doctor’s instructions and guidelines, never go beyond what the doctor asked you to do

1. You should avoid raw meats at all costs. You should make sure your wife and the baby is safe and never stressed. Another thing is watching what she eats and when she eats them. She might not be eating the meat in its raw form, but there are certain meals you eat that contains a bit of raw meat.Raw meats can contain certain bacterias that will hinder infants development.

2. In your right senses you should know that it’s not advisable to take raw eggs. Not to talk of pregnant women.Pregnant women are always advised to stay away from Raw eggs too.
3. Smoked seafood is another meal that shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women, smoked seafood might contain certain carbon compounds that will hinder the child’s growth in many ways.
4. You wouldn’t in your right senses think of smoking or taking drugs when you are pregnant. Who would ever think of that? If your wife is the type that smokes, you should make her stop the habit.

5. Pregnant women are not allowed to eat all fruits. Fruits like

Pineapple, pineapples have a high bromelain content which is an enzyme that softens the cervix and can also trigger uterine contractions. It can induce early labour which is not good for both the mother and the baby. Also, consuming pineapples in large quantities can lead to dehydration and diarrhea).

Grapes, Grapes are categorised as one of the most nutritious fruits but many people have raised the question on their effect on pregnant women. They contain a lot of resveratrol compound that is present in their skin. This compound is poisonous and toxic and can be harmful to expecting mothers. Moreover, the digestive system of pregnant women is quite weak at this time and black grapes are difficult to digest.

Papayas(Pawpaw), Raw papayas are known to lead to miscarriages if consumed by pregnant women. Papaya contains latex which triggers uterine contractions that can be dangerous. Also, they are consumed to relieve problems like constipation. But if eaten in large amounts, they can cause surplus bowel movements that put pressure on the uterus.

Watermelon, The water content of the watermelons keeps the body hydrated. It also flushes out the harmful toxins from the body but while doing this the baby gets exposed to these toxins which is not good for the baby. Also, consuming large amounts of this fruit can raise blood sugar levels in women with gestational diabetes.

Peach, another fruit that the expecting mothers should avoid is peach as it is considered a hot fruit. Consuming peaches in large quantities can produce heat in the body that can lead to internal bleeding and even miscarriage. If you want you can have them in moderation but without the peel as the tiny follicles on their skin can cause irritation in the throat.

In addition fish with high mercury content should also be avoided by pregnant women




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