Excessive Intake Of These 4 Substances will Cost You Your Life. Diabetes kills!!!

Excessive Intake Of These 4 Substances will Cost You Your Life. Diabetes kills!!!

Diabetes is presently among the high killers of human being. Updated health records show that the the rate at which it increases in our society is becoming serious. Almost one sixth of the total number of adults in the world has diabetes. The unfortunate thing is that most of them are not aware that they have it. As days pass by, community health talks and enlightenment are conducted in a bid to create awareness and see how it could be gotten under control. This goes a long way to inform you how cautious and preventive you should be as far as diabetes is concerned. This article is a kick in the teeth, read on and get enlightened.

According to medical standard definition, diabetes is when the blood sugar/glucose levels become abnormally high, that is higher than 120 milligram per decilitre. Diabetes occurs in two ways; it either occurs when the pancreas fails to produce an hormone called insulin that will regulate the blood sugar level, or when the body cells fails to respond to produced insulin. In either ways, the blood sugar gets abnormally high and leads to diabetes.

The onset of diabetes comes with a lot of visible signs. But in some cases the person involved might not receive the signs until the condition becomes critical. That is why it is advised for a every adult to check their blood sugar levels regularly to ensure that they are on the safer side. However, diabetes comes with the following visible signs viz: excessive urination, getting overly thirsty, dizziness, vomiting, unusual pains in the shoulder etc. Remember that symptoms vary from one person to another.

The causes of diabetes mainly focuses on the kind of food people consume, lifestyle and frequency of body exercise. In some cases it is also as a result of family history of diabetes and family genetic history. The analyses that have been performed in recent years pinpointed food as the main cause of diabetes in the current world. The rate of consumption of junk foods is on the increase, the rate of consumption of sugary foods and artificials are also on the increase. Also, the rate at which people do body exercise is decreasing and that helps in keeping abnormal levels of sugar in the body leading to diabetes.

What are the 4 substances that leads to diabetes when taking in excess?

1. Excessive use of artificial sugars to drink tea or make pap

Natural sugar like honey is quickly processed in the body more than the artificial ones. Artificial sugar does not add any nutritional value to the body while also the body fails to dictate it easily. In that case, the pancreas don’t produce enough insulin that will regulate the blood sugar levels. Please, for the sake of your health, minimize the rate at which you use artificial sugars to drink morning tea, mix pap, drink garri etc. If you must add sugar to them, honey is a better alternative and a great source of natural sugar which the body will not have any problem with.

2. Excessive Intake of alcoholic beverages

The intake of alcoholic beverages is on the increase in our society. Some men are now fond of taking 5 to 10 bottles of alcoholic beers before they get satisfied, while others take it on daily basis, from Monday to Sunday. All of that has aid the overly increase of diabetes among us. Alcoholic beverages do not only contain alcohol, most of them also contain high quantity of artificial sugar which was processed. In fact, they contain higher quantity of sugar than in soft drinks and energy drinks. Please if you value your health and wellness, it will be nice if you stop taking alcohol beers or minimize its intake accordingly.

3. Excessive intake of soft drinks and energy drinks that contain high levels of artificial sugar

Soft drinks and energy drinks are well known for containing high quantities of artificial sugars which helps to elevate blood sugar content of the body. A typical one bottle of soft drink contains about 3 cubes of sugar. But unfortunately, its intake in Nigeria is very high and it has led a lot of people to the dreaded diabetes. Take note! If you can stop or minimize how you take soft drinks (that one that is Popularly called “mineral”) you’re sure that you have eliminated one of the causes of diabetes in your life.

4. Excessive Intake of carbohydrates

Excessive intake of carbohydrates becomes a problem when there is no body exercise. Carbohydrates contain a good amount of natural sugar which help give the body energy. Being natural, the body processes the sugar very quickly, without any stress. But when the intake of the carbohydrates become excessive in the body, there will be “energy rush” in the body system, gain of weight which might develop to diabetes. All of that are more likely to happen when the individual doesn’t carry out frequent exercise to burn the sugar and the fat. When obesity sets in, the risk of becoming diabetic becomes more than possible

In conclusion, apart from stopping the excessive intake of the 4 Substances detailed above, exercise and healthy lifestyle is another key to preventing diabetes melitus and insipidus. Make sure you partake in light exercise activities at least once in a week. That goes a long way to burning the excessive sugar and fat content in the body and ensure that the body is in a healthy condition and wellness is guaranteed. Therefore, try as much as possible to put the content of this article into practice. In everything you do, always remember that your health is in your hands.









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